How We Started

The origins of the YSU Foundation date back to the fall of 1966. Dr. Howard Jones, who had served as president of Youngstown College and Youngstown University for 35 years, had just set into motion the transformation of the private Youngstown University to the public Youngstown State University. Seeking to protect the University’s private endowment, Dr. Jones established a separate, independent organization, “The Youngstown Educational Foundation.” In 1983, the Foundation’s name was changed to “The Youngstown State University Foundation,” all the while maintaining its autonomy and independence from the University. The YSU Foundation is classified as a 501 (c) (3) public charity. Gifts and bequests to the Foundation are tax deductible.

Our History

Howard Jones served as president of the Foundation from 1966 to 1975. He was followed by William Roesti, who served for 14 years until 1989. C. Reid Schmutz was appointed president in 1989 and served 22 years until his retirement. The current president, Paul McFadden, succeeded him in January 2012.

In 2014, the University and the Foundation’s Board of Trustees came to an agreement for the Foundation to provide all development operations on behalf of the University and the Foundation. The YSU Foundation is now the designated philanthropic entity of Youngstown State University. With assets over $225 million, the YSU Foundation is the largest public university foundation in Northeast Ohio.

Our Team
Dedicated, Passionate, & Experienced

Our team’s primary focus is to help support the advancement of our great University. If you have questions please reach out and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way.

Board of Trustees

  • Peter J. Asimakopoulos
  • Nader Atway
  • Nancy Beeghly
  • A. Gary Bitonte
  • Richard Blase
  • Lee Burdman
  • Martha Bushey
  • Anthony M. Cafaro, Sr.
  • Nikki Carter
  • Thomas J. Cavalier
  • Y. T. Chiu, Jr.
  • Domenic L. Constantini
  • Alan W. Cope
  • Millicent S. Counts
  • Sergul Erzurum
  • Alfred J. Fleming
  • Thomas J. Fleming
  • John F. Geletka
  • James J. Geller
  • Stephen Gurgovits
  • Frank Hierro
  • Mary Beth Houser
  • Mitchell J. Joseph
  • Benjamin Keck
  • Jocelyne Kollay Linsalata
  • John Moliterno
  • Garry L. Mrozek
  • Edward W. Muransky
  • Elba Navarro
  • Jude J. Nohra
  • Carl A. Nunziato
  • Anthony Payiavlas
  • John L. Pogue
  • William Poole
  • Richard J. Schiraldi
  • Theodore Schmidt
  • Scott Schulick
  • James H. Sisek
  • Martin Solomon
  • Douglas V. Sweeney
  • Rajiv Taneja
  • Richard B. Thompson
  • Stuart Wise
    • Ex Officio
    • Paul McFadden


    • General Counsel
    • E.C. “Ted” Thornton, Jr.


    • Emeriti
    • William M. Cafaro*
    • Eleanor Beecher Flad*
    • Richard P. McLaughlin*
    • Joseph S. Nohra*
    • William R. Roesti
    • Clarence R. Smith, Jr.*
    • William L. Spencer*
    • Frank C. Watson*
    • Warren P. Williamson, III
    • G. Leo Winger*

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