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Endowed chairs and professorships represent the highest accolade that a university can bestow upon a faculty member.

Funded endowments promote individual and collaborative faculty research endeavors that frequently result in groundbreaking findings that advance their respective fields of study.

In total, there are eighteen endowed chairs and professorships at YSU across a range of disciplines. YSU faculty are expanding research in academic areas, including Accounting and Finance, Actuarial Science, Economics, Engineering, English, Gerontology, Long-Term Care, Judaic and Holocaust Studies, and History.

By establishing an Endowed Chair or Professorship at the YSU Foundation, you are propelling YSU’s values of advancing academic excellence in teaching and research. For endowed faculty opportunities, contact 330-941-3211 or ysuf@ysufoundation.org. 

Endowed faculty with President Tressel
Endowed faculty with President Tressel
Dr. Pallante Bestowal Ceremony at YSU



(Gift of $1.5 million or more, provides approximately $60,000 annual funding)

John S. & Doris M. Andrews
Chair in Accounting
Established in 2001

Paul J. Thomas
Chair in Economics
Established in 2018

Warren Young
Chair in Astronomy
Established 2020

Morris & Phyllis Friedman
Chair in Engineering
Established in 2014

Eynon Beyer
Chair in Metallurgy
Established in 1977

Charles Darling
Chair in American Social History
Established 2018

James P. Tressel
Chair in Leadership
Established 2021

Endowed Professorships

(Gift of $500,000 or more, provides approximately $20,000 annual funding)

Mr. & Mrs. William B. Clayman
Professorship in Judaic & Holocaust Studies
Established in 2003

Grace Ruth
Professorship in English
Established in 2018

Professor of Islamic Studies
Established in 1995

Robert W. Reeder I
Professorship in History
Established in 2018

Medical Mutual of Ohio
Professorship in Actuarial Science
Established in 2018

Lariccia Family
Professorships in Business
(Three Professorships)
Established in 2016

Patricia McGovern Sweeney
Professorship in Nursing
Established in 2021

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