Our origins
date back
to the fall
of 1966.

Dr. Howard Jones, who served as president of Youngstown College and Youngstown University for 35 years, set into motion the private Youngstown University’s transformation to the public Youngstown State University. Seeking to protect the University’s private endowment, Dr. Jones established a separate, independent organization, “The Youngstown Educational Foundation.”

In 1983, the Foundation’s name changed to the “Youngstown State University Foundation,” all the while maintaining its autonomy and independence from the University. The YSU Foundation is classified as a 501(c)(3) public charity. Gifts and bequests to the Foundation are tax-deductible.

Dr. Howard W. Jones receiving a gift from Student Council

Student Council President Tom Catheline (second from right), on behalf of the student body, presents a stereo set to Dr. Howard W. Jones, retiring president of Youngstown University, “in appreciation of 35 years of service to students, the university and to the community.” Other gift committee members are (left to right) Paul Gregory, Tom Sapienza, Joe Audia and Howard Johnston.

Our Mission

The Youngstown State University Foundation is an independent, autonomous, private, nonprofit corporation that pursues, manages and distributes resources to support scholarships and student initiatives, as well as the growth and development of Youngstown State University.

YSU Admissions Building


Students studying outside on campus


Student prepares for graduation in Spring 2021


Our Vision

The Youngstown State University Foundation will be a catalytic force for the advancement of YSU, the Youngstown community, and Northeast Ohio, and will be a critical source of support, opportunity, and excellence for YSU students and faculty.

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